American History: Survey

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Chapter 1: The World Before 1500 (Beginnings-1500)

Section 1: Societies of the Americas
Section 2: Societies of Africa
Section 3: Societies of Europe

Chapter 2: European Exploration of the Americas (1492-1650)
Section 1: Spain Claims an Empire
Section 2: European Competition in North America
Section 3: The Spanish and Native Americans
Section 4: Beginnings of Slavery in the Americas

Chapter 3: The English Establish 13 Colonies (1585-1732)

Section 1: Early Colonies Have Mixed Success
Section 2: New England Colonies
Section 3: The Southern Colonies
Section 4: The Middle Colonies

Chapter 4: The Colonies Develop (1651-1753)
Section 1: New England: Commerce and Religion
Section 2: The Southern Colonies: Plantations and Slavery
Section 3: The Middle Colonies: Farms and Cities
Section 4: The Backcountry

Chapter 5: Beginnings of an American Identity (1689-1763)

Section 1: Early American Culture
Section 2: Roots of American Democracy
Section 3: The French and Indian War

Chapter 6: The Road to Revolution (1763-1776)

Section 1: Tighter British Control
Section 2: Colonial Resistance Grows
Section 3: The Road to Lexington and Concord
Section 4: Declaring Independence

Chapter 7: The American Revolution

Section 1: The Early Years of the War
Section 2: The War Expands
Section 3: The Path to Victory
Section 4: The Legacy of The War

Chapter 8: Confederation to Constitution (1776-1791)

Section 1: The Confederation Era
Section 2: Creating the Constitution
Section 3: Ratification and the Bill of Rights

Constitution Handbook

Section 1: Seven Principles of the Constitution
Section 2: The Constitution of the United States
Section 3: Amendments
Citizenship Handbook
Citizenship Handbook

Chapter 9: Launching a New Republic (1789-1800)

Section 1: Washington's Presidency
Section 2: Challenges to the New Government
Section 3: The Federalists in Charge

Chapter 10: The Jefferson Era (1800-1816)

Section 1: Jeffersonian Democracy
Section 2: The Louisiana Purchase and Exploration
Section 3: The War of 1812

Chapter 11: National and Regional Growth (1800-1844)

Section 1: Early Industry and Inventions
Section 2: Plantations and Slavery Spread
Section 3: Nationalism & Sectionalism

Chapter 12: The Age of Jackson (1824-1840)

Section 1: Jacksonian Democracy & States' Rights
Section 2: Jackson's Policy Toward Native Americans
Section 3: Prosperity & Panic

Chapter 13: Manifest Destiny (1821-1853)

Section 1: Trails West
Section 2: The Texas Revolution
Section 3: The War with Mexico
Section 4: The California Gold Rush

Chapter 14: A New Spirit of Change (1830-1860)

Section 1: The Hopes of Immigrants
Section 2: Reforming American Society
Section 3: Abolition and Women's Rights

Chapter 15: The Nation Breaking Apart (1846-1861)

Section 1: Tensions Rise Between North and South
Section 2: Slavery Dominates Politics
Section 3: Lincoln's Election and Southern Secession

Chapter 16: The Civil War Begins (1861-1862)

Section 1: War Erupts
Section 2: Life in the Army
Section 3: No End in Sight

Chapter 17: The Tide of War Turns (1863-1865)

Section 1: The Emancipation Proclamation
Section 2: War Affects Society
Section 3: The North Wins
Section 4: The Legacy of the War

Chapter 18: Reconstruction (1865-1877)

Section 1: Rebuilding the Union
Section 2: Reconstruction Changes Daily Life
Section 3: The End of Reconstruction

Chapter 19: Growth in the West (1860-1900)

Section 1: Railroads Transform the Nation
Section 2: Miners, Ranchers, and Cowhands
Section 3: Native Americans Fight to Survive
Section 4: Farm Economics and Populism

Chapter 20: Industrialization and Immigration (1860-1914)

Section 1: America Enters the Industrial Age
Section 2: Immigration and Modern Urban Growth
Section 3: Discrimination Against African Americans
Section 4: The Labor Movement
Section 5: Society and Mass Culture

Chapter 21: The Progressive Era (1890-1920)

Section 1: Roosevelt and Progressivism
Section 2: Taft and Wilson as Progressives
Section 3: Women Win New Rights

Chapter 22: Becoming a World Power (1880-1914)

Section 1: Imperialism in the Pacific
Section 2: The Spanish-American War
Section 3: Expanding Interests in Asia and Latin America

Chapter 23: World War I (1914-1920)

Section 1: War Breaks Out in Europe
Section 2: America Prepares for War
Section 3: America Prepares for War
Section 4: The Legacy of World War I

Chapter 24: The Roaring Twenties (1919-1929)

Section 1: Postwar Economics and Politics

Section 2: The Jazz Age and Popular Cult
Section 3: The Harlem Renaissance

Chapter 25: The Great Depression and the New Deal (1929-1940)

Section 1: Economic Collapse
Section 2: Roosevelt and the New Deal
Section 3: Effects of the Depression and the New Deal
Chapter 26: The Rise of Dictators and World War II (1931-1945)
Section 1: Steps to War
Section 2: The Home Front
Section 3: War in Africa and Europe
Section 4: War in the Pacific
Section 5: The Legacy of World War II

Chapter 27: The Cold War and the American Dream (1945-1960)

Section 1: Peacetime Adjustments and the Cold War
Section 2: The Korean War and McCarthyism
Section 3: American Life in the Fifties

Chapter 28: The Civil Rights Era (1954-1975)

Section 1: REVIEW: Reconstruction and Jim Crow
Section 2: The Modern Civil Rights Movement
Section 3: Kennedy, Johnson, and Civil Rights
Section 4: The Equal Rights Struggle Expands

Chapter 29: The Vietnam War Years (1954-1975)

Section 1: Cold War Roots of the Conflict
Section 2: War Expands in Vietnam
Section 3: Conflicts at Home
Section 4: The Vietnam War Ends

Chapter 30: America in a Changing World (1969-Present)

Section 1: Nixon, Watergate, and Years of Doubt
Section 2: Conservatives Reshape Politics
Section 3: America Enters a New Millennium