*** 以下文件为MP3文件。

  1. Sonnet 18 ------ by William Shakespeare

  2. Death Be Not Proud ------ by John Donne

  3. The Tyger ------by William Blake

  4. London  ------by William Blake

  5. A Red, Red Rose  ------by Robert Burns

  6. I Wondered Lonely as a Cloud ------by William Wordsworth

  7. She Walks in Beauty  ------by Lord Byron

  8. How Do I Love Thee ------by  Mrs. Browning

  9. Dover Beach ------by  Mathew Arnold

  10. Annabel Lee------by Edgar Allan Poe

  11. The Arrow and the Song ------by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

  12. A psalm of life------by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

  13. fire_and_ice ------Robert Forst

  14. the road not taken ------by Langston Hughs

  15. dreams ------by Langston Hughs

  16. the red wheelbarrow ------by Willian Carlos Williams

*** 以下文件为RA文件。

1.A Narrow Fellow In The Grass ------by Emily Dickinson

2.Because I Could Not Stop For Death ------by Emily Dickinson