Questions for discussion are given before class for students to prepare so as to test studentsí» preparation and understanding of selected readings. Here are some answers to the questions from the students for further thinking and discussions. Some of them are from individual students, and some from groups. Compare individual answers with group answers, and we can find that group discussion can be very effective in promoting students' thinking.


The Canterbury Tales------ by Geoffrey Chaucer

Hamlet------ by Shakespeare

Romeo and Juliet------ by Shakespeare

SONNET 18------ by Shakespeare

The Flea------ by John Donne

Holy Sonnet 10------ by John Donne

Paradise Lost------ by John Milton

Robinson Crusoe------ by Daniel Defoe

Gulliverí»s Travels------ By Jonathan Swift

The Lamb & The Tyger------ by William Blake

A Red, Red Rose & Auld Lang Syne------ by Robert Burns

I Wandered Lonely As a Cloud------ by William Wordsworth

Pride and Prejudice------ by Jane Austen

She Walks in Beauty------ by Byron

When a Man Hath No Freedom to Fight for at Home------ by Byron

Ode to the West Wind------ by Shelley

Ode on a Grecian Urn------ by Keats

Great Expectations------ by Charles Dickens

The Eagle------ by Alfred Tennyson

Break, Break, Break------ by Alfred Tennyson

My Last Duchess------ by Robert Browning

Dover Beach------ by Mathew Arnold

Tess Of the Dí»urbervilles------ by Thomas Hardy

The Importance of Being Earnest------ by Oscar Wilde

Heart of Darkness------ by Joseph Conrad